Mothers Matter

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We are launching a Mothers Matter Campaign - lets unite with a common message.  A designated page on our website will be presented next week with a Toolkit.

By confirming your participation we will send you fridge magnets, promote your agency, Family Resource Program and your event on Facebook and Twitter.

Sign and return this Confirmation Letter

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At the Association, we have been trying to find a strategy that will profile the important work that our programs do with families, and to build support (including financial support) for the programs.   It  occurred to us that Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity for this.  In addition, it allows us to promote the important role of mothers in the development of their children and in building a civil society.  We recognize that the joint voice of Family Resource Programs in the province is stronger than single voices.  We want to demonstrate that there are amazing programs throughout the province, all making a difference to families.  So, we are asking programs to opt in creating a unified voice.

We are asking  members to talk about their Mothers’ Day events using the hashtag #MothersMatter and including our Twitter ID of @FRPBC, in addition to their own ID.  We will promote your event as well.

This years’ campaign is truly on the “down low” compared to what we will be working towards next year – due to time crunch.  By confirming that you are hosting a Mothers’ Day event and sending us your signed letter, we are able to track who is involved and then forward fridge magnets with a pop out heart.  It is about the messaging, profiling Mothers and it will raise the awareness of Family Resource Programs.


We Have Moved

New Address and Phone Info

As of Monday, February 23rd, 2014, the office of the BC Association of Family Resource Programs (FRP-BC) will be moving from Vancouver (South Granville) to Surrey (Newton).

Our physical address and mailing address are not the same.  
We also have a new phone and fax number.  

Physical Address:
Unit #104 - 13771, 72nd A  Avenue
Surrey,  BC  V3W 9C6

Phone: 778-590-0045
Fax: 778-590-0441


Mailing Address:
Unit #145 - 6832 King George Blvd.
Surrey, BC   V3W 4Z9

Early Years Conference 2016

Early Years Conference 2016

Child Care Capital Funding

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A priority for this intake will be the creation of spaces co-located with other family-support programs in community-based settings, including BC Early Years Centres, recreation centres and family resource programs. Applicants will be required to provide a description of the partnership and proposed benefits to local families and community.

News Release

Application Deadline: March 20, 2015

Maximum Application Amount: $500,000

FRP-BC AGM 2014 Presentations

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Below are links to the presentations by our panel at the FRP-BC 2014 Annual General Meeting

Tessa Graham

Diana Elliott

Lynell Anderson

Feedback on the draft criteria for the early years centres

At the Early Years Conference 2014 the provincial government officially announced the launch of the provincial Office for the Early Years.  At this conference the government had a feedback form and FRP-BC has provided Feedback on the draft criteria for the Early Years Centres.

Early Years Centres

Officially announced last week at the Early Years Conference.  The information table presented by the provincial government included a feedback form that is due this Friday (February 7th).

FRP-BC will be submitting our feedback.

Government Requests Feedback on Early Years Centres


Early Years Strategy

BC Families Agenda
Building a Sustainable Quality Early Years Strategy to Support BC Families

Early Years Strategy
The Families First Agenda

Communique from Joan Easton,
Executive Director, Early Years, CYSN and Quality Assurance Policy, MCFD
Hello everyone,
On February 20, 2013 the Premier announced the BC Early Years Strategy.  The eight-year strategy is a cross-ministry framework that is guided by the goals of improving the accessibility, quality and affordability of early years programs and services.  As valued working colleagues I wanted to be sure that you were aware of the strategy and had access to background materials.
An early initiative will be to map and review the range of existing early years programs and services.  This work will support the establishment of a Provincial Office for the Early Years that will solidify a “one-government” approach to the early years.  The Office will develop an action plan to put in place an integrated system of early childhood services across the province that provides practical, quality information and support to better meet the needs of busy parents.
There will be continued opportunities for engagement and dialogue.  For example, building on previous engagement efforts, including the ECD and Child Care Forums, and the BC Families First website, there will be an early years forum in the Fall of 2013 to obtain feedback and advice from the sector on the framework and action plan.
For more information on the strategy, please refer to the attached background document.  We look forward to further discussions. 
Joan Easton

An Integrated System of Child Care Early Learning and Family Support

Through a UWLM Public Policy Grant, the BC Association of Family Resource Programs will provide leadership and support to manage a three-year ECD policy development initiative. We are committed to working with others to advance a provincial framework of Child Care, Early Learning and Family Support. 


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Presentation about the MOU with MinEd

Presentation delivered at the September 19 First Call Roundtable Meeting <Click Here>

FRP-BC Signs MoU with the Ministry of Education


Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Education <click here>


Protect Vulnerable Families

Common Sense Changes Encourage Work, Protect Vulnerable Families - BC Government Newsroom

MCFD Operational & Strategic Directional Plan


Download MCFD's Operational & Strategic Directional Plan

MCFD Operational & Strategic Directional Plan (2012-2015)

Letter to FCSS from DM Brown

Early Years Literature Review


Developed in partnership between MCFD and FRP-BC.  The purpose of this review is to provide an overview of early years program service delivery in BC and examine the integration of early years programs and services in other jurisdictions.  The report examines the following research question: Based on experiences described in other jurisdictions, what are the key enabling elements for promoting and maintaining successful integration of early years programs and services?

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Letter to Deputy Minister Stephen Brown


FRP-BC submts letter to Deputy Minister Stephen Brown in response to the MCFD Service Plan.

FRP-BC Response Letter to MCFD Service Plan