We Were at TEDx Chilliwack! Reconciliation A Grass Roots Approach

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FRP-BC’s Executive Director, Sherry Sinclair, shares this talk at TEDx Chilliwack on April 8, 2017 called, Reconciliation: A Grass Roots Approach to Justin Trudeau’s Invitation. 

“Happy Birthday Canada! 150 years since confederation.” Sherry describes the importance and timeliness of reconciliation, and mentions Canada’s history in the context of Residential Schools, the Highway of Tears and the recent acknowledgement through the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.

Sherry’s talk explores our collective role in pursuing reconciliation in Canada, and concludes with an invitation for us to consider how we can participate in reconciliation as individuals: "Reconciliation is here now and stands with outstretched hands to you and to me. Find someone today and have a conversation about reconciliation." 

Sherry also discusses FRP-BC’s role in supporting families, and the approach FRPs take, hinting at FRP-BC's plan to address this area, with our own upcoming FRP-BC statement of reconciliation. Stay tuned for more information soon. 


Sherry Sinclair has a Masters of Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Health Education and Active Living from SFU, a Provincial Instructor Diploma from VCC, a Community Economic Development Certificate from SFU and FRP Certificate from JIBC. As FRP-BCs Executive Director, Sherry brings nearly 20 years of experience in family support and early child development fields. Sherry serves on FRP-Canada's Board of Directors, helping to shape the future of family and early child development in Canada. 

Research Report 2016: Monitoring Family Resource Programs is Ready!

We've launched our 2016 research report!

Monitoring Family Resource Programs in British Columbia is a summary of the survey we conducted last year from our members. We conducted it as part of our function to monitor and describe the secotor. The report looks at, among other things, who runs family resource programs across the province, who they serve, how many people they serve, how they are funded, and their strengths and challenges.

You can read the report here!

Do you have any questions about the report? Feel free to contact Ramsay at

February eNews!

Happy February and Happy Family Day! We hope 2017 is treating your family well, and off to a great start. This month,  we have a message from our Executive Director and a full suite of workshops and events! Read this months newsletter here.


March eNews: MCFD Strategy Update & More!

This month was International Women's Day! Also a quick reminder that Membership Renewal is coming up this month! We will be contacting everyone with updated renewal information so stay tuned! There a lot of workshops and policy updates this month, including MCFD's new Multi Year Action Plan.

​Read the Newsletter here!

We've Moved!

New BC Wide Early Years Training System!

This new online environment centralizes promotion of all avaliable training opportunites, workshops, courses and conferences from over 75 agencies across BC. This pilot program is sponsored by the Provincial Office for the Early Years and BCampus. As a practirioner, you can find information to register for these events, or create and post your organization's events. 

The January eNews is here!

Happy New Year! The January Newsletter is out now. This month, several gaming grant workshops are being held, a number of events focused on policy and wellness, plus more helpful resources for your own professional development. 

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Free Seminar! How Early Childhood Affects Lifelong Wellness

Join us on January 26,2017 at the Peretz Centre for Secular Jewish Culture and be part of a free afternoon seminar! You’ll gain insight on how significant early childhood and family support is for lifelong health, be provided time to network with peers, and receive a free copy of Dr. Paul’s new book: "Dr. Paul’s "Baby Comes Home, A Parents Guide To A Healthy and Well First Eighteen Months"!

Our exciting panel includes Dr. Paul, Pediatrician, author, and expert in early childhood development as well as Kelly Stone, Executive Director of FRP Canada. Dr. Paul will discuss new science about the development of very important traits such as vision, stress hormone control, cognitive function, and self-control that occur mostly during the first few years of life and how external factors such as stress and neglect can adversely affect this development and health later in life. 

Don't miss this exciting event, register now!

December eNews

Check out the December eNews is packed with information and resources for the family support field and parents, featuring:
  • Indigenous cultural training by the Raven Institute
  • A Save the Date for an event with Dr. Paul
  • A parent discipline cheat sheet
  • A video on the importance of skin-to-skin contact
And more!

Happy Holidays!

It's that time of year! Please note that the office will be closed beginning December 21st. It will re-open January 3. In that time, e-mails will be answered intermittently.

We wish you the very best this season, and hope that you are able to enjoy the time with your family.

Happy holidays!

November Newsletter is here!

Check out this month's eNews is packed with information and resources for the family support field and parents, featuring:
  • Indigenous cultural training and family mental health training at our AGM
  • Resources for National Child Day events
  • A summary of research on the effectiveness of family support programs
And more!

New Module 3 submission template for Standards of Practice available

The new Module 3 Standards of Practice submission template is now available on our website. This new template allows you to complete your Module 3 submission electronically and send it to us via e-mail (rather than submitting it in hard copy form!


You can find more information at or e-mail Barb at

September Newsletter is here!

Want to see what's going on in the sector? Check out our September newsletter for information on

  • Free / cheap training opportunities
  • Information about a study on children's physical activity
  • Our upcoming AGM
  • Job opportunities
  • and more!

Infant Mental Health Training

We're excited to be able to give our members access to an incredible training opportunity! The Infant Mental Health Promotion (IMPH) team at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto is offering a 15-part training in infant mental health. Normally, this training is $1,600 for members of IMPH, and $2,000 for non-members. However, IMPH has generously agreed to let our members have access to it at a huge discount:

We are making this training available to FRP-BC members for $160--a 90% discount.

The fee gets you access to the training for unlimited staff at your agency. Please contact Ramsay at if you are interested in registering. We only have a limited number of spots for our members, so act quickly!

Find more information about the training here:

Also note that this training is free for all agencies funded by PHAC through CAPC or CPNP. 

Registration for EDI Webinar

Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) is happy to host two webinars. The first, (Re)-Introducing the EDI Part 1 will take place on August 23, and the second, (Re)-Introducing the EDI Part 2 will be on September 21. 

Registration is now open for part 1, and will open for part 2 on August 18. 

Some of Our 2015 - 2016 Projects

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Feedback on the draft criteria for the early years centres

At the Early Years Conference 2014 the provincial government officially announced the launch of the provincial Office for the Early Years.  At this conference the government had a feedback form and FRP-BC has provided Feedback on the draft criteria for the Early Years Centres.

Early Years Centres

Officially announced last week at the Early Years Conference.  The information table presented by the provincial government included a feedback form that is due this Friday (February 7th).

FRP-BC will be submitting our feedback.

Government Requests Feedback on Early Years Centres


Early Years Strategy

BC Families Agenda
Building a Sustainable Quality Early Years Strategy to Support BC Families

Early Years Strategy
The Families First Agenda

Communique from Joan Easton,
Executive Director, Early Years, CYSN and Quality Assurance Policy, MCFD
Hello everyone,
On February 20, 2013 the Premier announced the BC Early Years Strategy.  The eight-year strategy is a cross-ministry framework that is guided by the goals of improving the accessibility, quality and affordability of early years programs and services.  As valued working colleagues I wanted to be sure that you were aware of the strategy and had access to background materials.
An early initiative will be to map and review the range of existing early years programs and services.  This work will support the establishment of a Provincial Office for the Early Years that will solidify a “one-government” approach to the early years.  The Office will develop an action plan to put in place an integrated system of early childhood services across the province that provides practical, quality information and support to better meet the needs of busy parents.
There will be continued opportunities for engagement and dialogue.  For example, building on previous engagement efforts, including the ECD and Child Care Forums, and the BC Families First website, there will be an early years forum in the Fall of 2013 to obtain feedback and advice from the sector on the framework and action plan.
For more information on the strategy, please refer to the attached background document.  We look forward to further discussions. 
Joan Easton

An Integrated System of Child Care Early Learning and Family Support

Through a UWLM Public Policy Grant, the BC Association of Family Resource Programs will provide leadership and support to manage a three-year ECD policy development initiative. We are committed to working with others to advance a provincial framework of Child Care, Early Learning and Family Support. 


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Presentation about the MOU with MinEd

Presentation delivered at the September 19 First Call Roundtable Meeting <Click Here>

FRP-BC Signs MoU with the Ministry of Education


Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Education <click here>


Protect Vulnerable Families

Common Sense Changes Encourage Work, Protect Vulnerable Families - BC Government Newsroom

MCFD Operational & Strategic Directional Plan


Download MCFD's Operational & Strategic Directional Plan

MCFD Operational & Strategic Directional Plan (2012-2015)

Letter to FCSS from DM Brown

Early Years Literature Review


Developed in partnership between MCFD and FRP-BC.  The purpose of this review is to provide an overview of early years program service delivery in BC and examine the integration of early years programs and services in other jurisdictions.  The report examines the following research question: Based on experiences described in other jurisdictions, what are the key enabling elements for promoting and maintaining successful integration of early years programs and services?

Click here to read the Literature Review

Letter to Deputy Minister Stephen Brown


FRP-BC submts letter to Deputy Minister Stephen Brown in response to the MCFD Service Plan.

FRP-BC Response Letter to MCFD Service Plan